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New Office bearers of Ceylon Baithulmal Fund

Standing left to right: MHM Nasar, Sharhan Muhseen, Fazal Issadeen, Isfahani Anver, Rushdi Dahlan, Imruz Kamil, Mehraj Sally, Zuraish Hashim, Mohideen Cader

Seated left to right: Shihab Rally, Dr Ameer Zainudeen, FM Asaf Khan, AN Nazvi Rahman, Illiyas Admani, MSF Haqque, AF Feroze Noon, AMA Nasry, Dr. N M Abdul Gaffer

About Us

The Committee is responsible for all the actions of the CBF and are Answerable to the Almighty Allah. Members of the Management Committee share all the expenses inclusive of meetings and travel. The Management Committee wishes to assure the Donors that their Donations are in good and safe hands, and that the funds are distributed according to the Shariah Law.

All issues related to the activities and accounts are discussed, approved and minuted. Yearly accounts are audited by a firm of auditors. The committee members are very conscious the fact that the funds handled by the CBF is an AMANATH. The funds have to be distributed according to the Shariah.