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The Ceylon Baithulmal Fund is committed to EMPOWERING THE NEEDY 

The Ceylon Baithulmal Fund was established on the 29th March 1957 by an Act of Parliament under ‘Ceylon Baithulmal Fund (Incorporation) Law, No. 9 of 1976 of the National State Assembly. Founded by the late Hon. H.S. Ismail, Ceylon’s first Muslim Speaker of the House of Representatives, who together with fourteen eminent civil representatives of Ceylonese Muslim Society formed its very first Committee of Management, the Ceylon Baithulmal Fund emerged with the singular purpose of ‘Poverty Alleviation’ within the Muslim community of Sri Lanka; bringing to an end the destitution and misery that plagued the lesser privileged amongst the Muslim community at the time.

Bringing to an end destitution and misery

Founding Committee of Management (1957)

Hon. H.S. Ismail (Founder)
Senator A.M.A. Azeez
M.I.M. Hania
Haji Saleh Mohamed Esq.
A. Aziz

S.M. Syed Mohamed
Jabir A. Cader
M.P. Drahaman
Haji Karim
S.S. Issadeen

I.A. Cader
Haji K.A. Mohamed Ali
M. Mathany Ismail
M.H.M. Kamil
A.H.L.A. Saleem

Founder Secretary

Ceylon Baithulmal Fund would fail in its duty to acknowledge the long standing contribution made to both the organization and the Sri Lankan Muslim community by its founder secretary, the late S.S. Issadeen who served the fund with diligence and distinction from 1957 to 2004. 

Office Bearers

A.A.M. Illiyas PC


M.S.F. Haqque

Vice President

A.N. Nazvi Rahman


F.M. Asaf Khan

Asst. Secretary

A.F. Feroze Noon


Committee of Management

Mehraj Sally

Dr. M. Ameer Zainudeen

A.M.A. Nasry

Fazal Issadeen

M.R.A. Hafeez

Zuraish Hashim

A. Imruz Kamil

F.I. Anver

M.H.M. Nasar

Sharhan Muhseen

Mohideen Cader

Dr. Abdul Gaffar

Rushdi Dahlan

Shihab Rally